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The times of the pandemic showe that. Those clubs or restaurants that could count on their supporters survive. For example, they bought stocks of ground coffee from a cafe or bottle beer from a pub because they didn’t want these places to close. Building brand awareness earlier has paid off for their owners. What are the types of product placement? April 3, 2021 Marketing strategy types of product placement Even in the 1980s, this concept did not actually exist. In 2012, advertisers around the world spent 8.25 billion on various types of product placement. dollars.

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Today, this sum may be several times higher, because the number of meia in which products can be advertise in this way is growing at a rapid pace. What is product placement? Types of product placement What to consider when choosing the type of product placement? Product placement, or product placement , is a tactic that involves phone number list placing a product or company logo in a natural way in the context of a chosen meium. It is associate with movies, but it also applies to computer games, series, and now also social meia and YouTube videos. The phenomenon first became known thanks to the film ET, in which a candy bar from a well-known company often appeare.

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It turne out that this subtle food marketing worke. After the success of the film, sales of the candy bar increase by 66 percent. Marketers then began to explore different types of product placement. They understood that they had an opportunity ahead WS Number List of them that they could not miss. Support tool It can be said that product placement is a mechanism tailore to the present day. Traditional TV advertising is having a hard time. Few people read the press anymore. Young people don’t listen to the radio either. Consumers are wary of traditional advertising messages. They know that advertising often does not tell them the truth.

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