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The example when inserting or deleting a linked list node c Node int data struct Node next Node void insertNode head int data Node newNode Node mallocsizeo fNode newNodedata data newNodenext head head newNode void printListNode head Node temp head while temp NULL printfd tempdata temp tempnext printf.

NULLn int main Node head

NULL inserthead inserthead inserthead printListhead Release linked list memory Node temp Rich People Number while head NULL temp head head headnext freetemp return In this example the insert function uses a pointer to a pointer to modify the linked list head pointer to implement the node insertion operation. H Conclusion Pointer.


To pointer is a very powerful

Flexible tool in C and C programming. By using a pointer to a pointer the pointer itself can be indirectly accessed and modified thereby implementing more India Phone Number complex data structures and memory management operations. Whether in dynamic memory allocation function parameter passing or in implementing data structures such as linked.

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