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What is the purpose of RTM? The goal is obvious brand promotion, building its position on the market, instinctive promotion of services and products more on that in a moment. RTM also helps the company stay vital. Read – keep up with the times, adapt the language of brand promotion to the language of Internet users, place the brand not only in a high position on the market, but also in a broader socio-cultural contet. Why is it important? Because the customer wants to know that he is dealing with a living brand, not a robot.

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He wants to feel that the company not only meets his nes in terms of specific products, but also speaks his language. He knows his habits. He knows what’s going on in the world, not just the industry. inpost as eample rtm One way to use RTM. Source InPost. Theabove eample refers to a very popular Polish series, which is database known to almost every Pole, every Polish woman. You may not like the series, you may be annoy by its format, but it’s hard not to know it. The brand, making a pop culture reference, also defines in a humorous but tactful! way how its services work.


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The problems fac by its users and innovative ways to solve them. RTM not for everyone? While RTM has a number of benefits, it may not be appropriate in some cases. The previously mention humor, the ability to refer to current events in the, does not necessarily serve some companies, industries or products. Where seriousness is requir in advertising its services and products, RTM can be counterproductive. Brands relat to micine, health, finance WS Number List or legal issues should be particularly careful about RTM content creation. If humor, then very subtle and tactful.

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