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Product Management an interview

Day reaches its third edition. What awaits us? Let’s get to the heart of the event thanks to with the organizers.

Understanding the true spirit of the event  Chinese in America comes from listening to the voices of those who made the event possible, namely its organizers. For this reason, the Product Management Day answers our curiosities in a choral interview.

The following organizers were involved:

Ileana Baldassi, Product Marketing Specialist at 20tab and part of the Product Management Day organizing team. A jazz singer who works in marketing, an optimistic and curious person by nature.

Anna Lisa Di Vincenzo, Content Writer at 20tab and part of the Product Management Day organizing team. A graduate in Literature lent to Marketing, as well as a serial accumulator of polka-dotted books and objects.


Product Management


Day was born in 2021, is growing and has reached its third edition with many new features, but always with the same goal: to spread product culture. But what is product culture? And are you achieving the goal you set for yourselves?

Ileana : This event had been in the wish list of 20tab, and in particular of Raffaele Colace (one of the three partners), for a long time: in 2021, after listening and measuring the interest of the sector for an event that finally talked About the product, we decided to validate the idea. We started from what had to be an MVP, an online event dedicated only to these professionals, with a great goal: to strengthen and spread the product culture.

That version 0 of the Product



Management Day gave us a surprise: more than 1000 members, 300 people connected all day, expressions of esteem, a community that was starting to form, albeit virtually (also given the moment we were in), and the need for everyone to have an Italian appointment, shaped on the context of our country, with companies that have a product mindset.

The conference then went through


A hybrid version, online in 2022 and in Rome, to arrive at this third edition totally in person, with many new features, but still based on product culture.

Talking and “thinking” about products means focusing on problems and solutions, on end users and not on the beliefs of a minority at the top of the company, working iteratively and relying on data, feedback, analysis. Making products means creating value for the end user.

20tab is a Product Team that has made this approach and an Agile mindset its basis. There are many other companies that are aiming in this direction in Italy: we want the Product Management Day to be their moment, to grow and meet. And the numbers and the words of the participants tell us that we are succeeding.


This year you have decided to bring several


innovations: the double track, the talks differentiated by topic and level, the Round Tables and the “permanent” networking. How did these ideas come about and why do you think they are useful for the participants?

Anna Lisa: What matters in the construction of our conference are the contents and the networking spaces: we always start from the Call 4 Speaker, to bring out the most useful and interesting ideas and case studies, and from the evaluation of a location and a temporal structure of the event that allows people to get to know each other and create relationships.

In 2023, thanks also to our Organizing Partner Nana Afghanistan Phone Number List  Bianca and the work of Émoilab, we were able to plan many more spaces, to double the contents and ensure an area dedicated to discussion that remained active all day.

The specific choices about the program and the event are always made starting from the feedback collected in previous editions, to realize as much as possible what our participants expect and need.

The great innovation this year is that everyone will be able to choose “their” Product Management Day. The certainty is that the contents will be of the highest value and networking will bring, also this year, new lucky professional encounters.

The first year remotely, then in Rome, this year



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