Make yourself stronger

It is said that a “two-faced person” is the same in front of others and behind others. On the surface, he seems to be very reliable and trustworthy, but in fact, you don’t know how many times. He has stabbed you in the back. When he speaks ill of a colleague, if you also join in and speak your true thoughts, and agree with him from time to time, he will go and tell tales to that colleague, and may even exaggerate your words. Remember not to easily express your position and reveal your private affairs, so as not to let the villain use it as a handle, or even spread rumors everywhere!

Don’t believe everything he says

Never trust the words of a “two-faced person” easily, because Switzerland Phone Number List they may contain his own exaggerated words, or he may be completely spreading rumors. Don’t believe his praise or criticism, because there is something untrue in it. Two-faced people are scheming and good at psychological tactics, so setting up appropriate vigilance is the best weapon to protect yourself.

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Avoid excessive contact


If circumstances allow, avoid contact with him in business and life. “Avoidance” is the most direct protection mechanism. Without too much communication, unnecessary troubles can Albania Phone Number Data be avoided. Don’t offend him, don’t get close to him, don’t have the “desire to conquer” and challenge him. If you don’t have enough fighting power, you are just digging a hole for yourself.

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