Not valued by the boss

If you start to badmouth your company right after you quit, people will think you are ungrateful and too realistic. If your words are accidentally passed on to people at your next company, you will be judged as a person with a bad attitude and a love of gossiping before you even start working.


 Failure to complete the handover

Imagine if you were a new employee or an existing Peru Phone Number List employee who needed to take over someone else’s job, but that colleague didn’t do A good job of handing over the job and didn’t tell you a lot of details and procedures. You would definitely feel very uncomfortable and hard, right? Put yourself in their shoes and do your best to complete the handover properly in order not to affect innocent people!

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Absent from work without notice


Even if you resign, you are still an employee of the company during the notice period. If you want to take leave, you should still follow the proper procedures to apply for leave and maintain Argentina Phone Number Data the proper professionalism.

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