Such as dragons and phoenixes wealth and auspiciousness

Rivalry tween Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun, which won unanimous praise from the audience. “Under the Brocade” successfully brought the audience into a world of love, hatr, and power struggles in the M Dynasty through wonderful plots, rich characters and excellent production. It is not only a costume love drama, but also a masterpiece that shows humanity and justice, allow the audience to feel the sweetness of love while also experienc the thickness of history and the glory of humanity.

Which means gorgeous cloth

was mostly us in ancient times to refer to the cloth of emperors, generals, and dignitaries. Brocade clothes are not only gorgeous clothes, but also a symbol of power, status and wealth, represent the prominent status of a person or family in society. In ancient times, people who own switzerland phone number brocade clothes often had a prominent status and enjoy supreme glory. In Chinese history, the Jinyiwei was a special secret police agency directly under the emperor, responsible for spy on intelligence, monitor officials, handl major criminal cases and other tasks. They wore gorgeous brocade clothes, embroider spr knives on their waists, and act secretly and decisively. The Jinyiwei was not only a symbol of power.

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But also an extension of imperial power

Their existence demonstrat the supreme majesty of the emperor. The production process of brocade clothes is extremely complicat. High-quality silk, gold and silver threads and other materials are select. Through exquisite embroidery skills, various patterns, designs and symbols are Australia Phone Number embroider on clothes. Each brocade clothes requires months or even years of careful production, reflect the wisdom and skills of ancient craftsmen. The patterns and designs on brocade clothes also have specific means, etc. They are not only autiful and generous.

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