Telegram Without Phone Number Pc

Telegram is a popular messaging platform known for its security features and cross-platform accessibility. While the app primarily relies on phone numbers for user verification, there are methods available to use Telegram on a PC without a phone number. In this article, we will explore alternative options for accessing Telegram on your computer.

Creating an Account with a Google Voice Number:

One way to use Telegram on your PC without a phone number is by creating an account using a Google Voice number. Follow these steps to set up Telegram with a Google Voice number:
1. Install the Google Voice app on your smartphone.
2. Open the app and set up a new Google Voice number.
3. Visit the Telegram website on your PC and select “Sign Up.”
4. Choose your country and enter the Google Voice number as your phone number.
5. Verify your account using the code provided by Google Voice.
6. Complete the registration process UK Telegram number Data and start using Telegram on your PC.

Using a Virtual Phone Number Service:

Virtual phone number services provide temporary phone numbers for various purposes, including account verification. You can use these services to create a Telegram account without using your actual phone number. Here’s how:
1. Research and select a reputable virtual phone number service.
2. Follow the registration process on the chosen service’s website or app.
3. Once you have obtained a virtual phone number, visit the Telegram website on your PC.
4. Enter the virtual phone number as your phone number during the Telegram registration.
5. Follow the verification process provided by the virtual phone number service to obtain the verification code.
6. Enter the code into Telegram and complete the registration.

Emulators or Virtual Machines:

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Another option is to use Android emulators or virtual machines on your PC to create a virtual Android environment. This allows you to install and use Telegram without the need for a physical smartphone. Follow these steps:
1. Download and install an Android emulator or virtual machine software on your PC (e.g., Bluestacks, Genymotion).
2. Set up the emulator or virtual machine and launch the virtual Android environment.
3. Access the Google Play Store within the virtual environment and download the Telegram app.
4. Install and open Telegram, then follow the regular registration process.
5. Set up your account without the need for WS Number List a phone number and start using Telegram on your PC.


While Telegram primarily relies on phone numbers for verification, there are alternative methods to access the app on your PC without using a phone number. By utilizing a Google Voice number, virtual phone number services, or Android emulators/virtual machines, you can enjoy the benefits of Telegram’s secure messaging platform on your computer. These methods provide flexibility for users who prefer to access Telegram without using their personal phone numbers.

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