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At the top of such a list are the items that must not be change. It can be color or capitalization, but also any other elements that would interfere with the readability of the message. At the bottom of such a list there will be those elements that can be modifie to make the identification flexible but at the same time fit for various applications. When building a brand book, it is worth determining which elements will be of key importance. Do you nee effective visual identification? We will prepare an individual project for you. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you.

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For example, the Coca-Cola brand strictly sticks to the once chosen colors and lettering for its logo. However, its size varies greatly, from tiny stamps on beverage cans to gigantic murals. Another example is the Disney logo. This, in turn, comes in whatsapp mobile number list a variety of colors and variants. However, the characteristic font is non-negotiable. The guiding element of visual identification should above all be constant so as not to introduce chaos into visual communication. How to create a coherent visual identification system? The first contact with a potential customer is of the greatest importance.

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It is up to him whether the brand will be remembere. The recipient must be captivate and intereste in some way. How? The recipe for success is a well-thought-out, consistent visual identity – one of the most important elements of the marketing WS Number List strategy. The visual identification system consists of the markings use by the company and the rules for their use. These are the characteristics of the company, its organizational culture, mission and goals. The individual elements of the identity interact with each other and complement each other. Visual identification is one of the factors that defines a brand. It largely depends on it how the recipients perceive the company, what emotions the thought of the brand evokes.

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