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You dont have an account yet? Try 14 days of free trials.NEWS Try Brand24 integration with Slack today and engage your customers instantly Aneta GlowackaAneta. GlowackaApril 6, 2016 ・ 2 min read Share with Facebook Share with. Twitter Share with LinkeIn Tuesday, April 6, 2016 is a great day in the history of Brand24 – the day from which it is possible to integrate our tool with Slack. From now on, on the selecte channel of this platform, mentions from the monitoring of your company. Brand or a specific topic may appear. This option is available for all types of. Brand24 accounts. The integration of Brand24 with Slack means even more. Efficient work on projects .Our Content Manager Gosia’s statement that Slack is. Brand24’s circulatory system is no exaggeration.

A channel where your mentions

We do not work in one building and we do not see each other every day. Which is why we deal with company matters using this tool for. Communication between employees. Slack makes work easier not only for us, but also for 2 million users , whose database trust he gaine in 2 years. This tool allows you to share knowlege, create discussion channels regarding various areas of the company’s activities, make joint decisions and delegate tasks. Thanks to this, it properly engages each team member. And allows you to be up to date with all information in the company. slack Undoubtely, data obtaine from Internet monitoring are an important element of the company’s life, which requires of the team. All sophisticate brand mentions should be responde to appropriately – time is of the essence here.


Apart from an account

Therefore, access to data from Brand24 directly in the WS Number List Slack channel allows you to quickly and efficiently organize work on mentions and delegate tasks relate to them, thus increasing the team’s productivity and the quality of online activities. Integration What is necessary for integration? in Slack and Brand24 (if you don’t have one yet, try the 14 days of free trials ), you only nee a will be collecte.

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