The client becomes a competitive advantage

Why is it becoming so important to be in constant contact with the user online now? What happene to the era of one-way communication service provider -> service recipient, without the nee to carefully care about his opinion? In the era of social meia, ubiquitous mobile devices and ultra-fast communication, efficient and quick contact with, on the basis of which you can build the right image of the University. We are currently seeing a huge increase in questions being aske to us via either Facebook or more recently Instagram. Building commitment and good relationships with our students is now our overriding goal.

Which presents everyday situations

The best example of this is our recent action chooseUE – our freshly minte students marke themselves with this hashtag on various social meia. Only on Instagram we capture 107 such entries! interview1 8. Which of the social meia tools – FB, Twitter, Instargam, Snapchat, Tinder etc. in your opinion, has untappe marketing potential? Snapchat and whatsapp mobile number list Tinder are probably the most up-to-date and yet underutilize. The latter – due to its characteristics – will rather not be use at our University. Snapchat, on the other hand, is a phenomenon that everyone in the world is still learning about. We, as the first university in Poland, have prepare geolocation graphics, the so-calle snapchat geofilter. It is also a kind of small success of UE Katowice.

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In our social media environment

Can you share one story with us in the context WS Number List of contacting customers online? Unusual, funny or inspiring situation that stuck in your memory? The renovation of our Rectorate is slowly becoming legendary. Finishing works of this building are currently underway., there is a profile – UE Katowice Memes run by students of the University, from the life of our University in a funny way.

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