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Being aware of this the University of Economics in Katowice is increasingly active in this field. Her primary goal is to build commitment and good relationships with students, for which she has been using Brand24 for 3 years. MichaƂ Sadowski from Brand24.pl talks with Tomasz Cybulski, an employee of the Promotion and New Meia Office of the University of Economics in Katowice, responsible for Internet analytics, about the participation of this University in social meia and the potential of Internet monitoring. 1. What is your communication environment with students/student candidates like? Has it change in recent years? Are they standard wide-reachmeia such as television, press or large-format advertising meia? Or online platforms like social meia.

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Blog or website? Over the last few years, our focus on spending on various forms of advertising has change significantly. First of all, we try to listen to the nees of students and candidates, and monitor trends. We try to be where our recipients are Latest Mailing Database and implement their recommendations. We are gradually giving up traditional wide-ranging forms of advertising, i.e. newspapers, radio, billboards, in favor of promotion on the Internet, especially to specific target groups. Today, our standard approach is to be present on eucational portals, in social meia such as Facebook, Instagram or Vkontakte. Naturally, the target page of all our online activities is our University’s website.

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Which has just been rebuilt in terms of WS Number List responsiveness. 2. Do you use various online tools in your daily work? Starting from such as online planners, monitoring platforms? We have been using Brand24 for over 3 years to monitor what is said about the University online. posts on social meia on several occasions. Another tool we use is InstaPic, which allows you to manage your Instagram account from your computer. a tool integrating work in social meia – HootSuite.

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