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How to Prove to the Customer That You Can’t Live Without Social Networks Now?
This Technique Used to Work: I Ask How the Client is Represented on the Internet, and They Usually Answered Like This: “well, How There is a Website, a Forum…”  Customer How Quickly This Website Responds to an Incoming Application, for Example. This is a Confrontation: I Go to the Site and Leave a Request. When Will the Goods Be Delivered to Me? – Minutes Pass. Nothing Happens. No Call Back, No Letter. An Entrepreneur With an Unbuilt Sales Funnel Hesitates and, Justifying Himself, Says: “there Are No Alternatives!” and Here is My Solution: I Show Vkontakte, Its Capabilities and Forms of Communication. Of Course, This Used to Be Impressive.

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Unaware of the Importance of Social Media These Days. Even Those Who Do Not Understand Marketing at All Go to Social UK Phone Number Networks or at Least Look in This Direction.

Vkontakte, for Example, is Increasingly Meeting the Needs of Users, Whereas Previously Visitors Received What They Needed on Third-party Sites. For Example, Relatively Recently They Introduced the Possibility of Money Transfers Within Communities.

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That is You Do Not Need to Leave

Vkontakte to the Websites of Banks and Payment Systems to Pay for Services – You Pay for Them Inside Vk. All This is Done to Ensure That the User Feels Comfortable Inside the System and Spends as Much Time There as UK Phone Number Possible. It’s Like the Google Office: There Are Bedrooms, a Gym and Swimming Pools.

So That Employees Do Not Leave Work at All!
So That Employees Feel Comfortable, Do Not Spend a Lot of Time on the Road, and So on.

And Besides, Now, It Seems to Me, There Are No People Left Who Can Say: “social Networks Are Not My Thing!” Moreover, They Provide So Many Opportunities.

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