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ATTENTION! There are currently some eceptions where an update may fail. The GA service itself will be set up, but it may not collect even basic data. This is because the auto-configuration nes the Global Site Tag, recently call Google. Tag gtag js Source ssupport.googleanalyticsanswer. You can check whether you have a Google Tag directly in the page code or using the browser etension – Google Tag Assistant. If you see something like this or this auto-creat. GA will probably handle basic traffic and user data collection. If you have implement Universal Analytics in the form of analytics js or via Google Tag Manager.

If The Parent Company Is Bas Abroad

Then your implementation in Tag. Assistant looks like this Google Tag Manager’s implementation of Universal Analytics does not include a built-in Global Site Tag. However, when we look at the Google documentation Source ssupport googleanalyticsanswer it seems that we can epect an upgrade of the Universal phone number list Analytics tag in Google Tag Manager in the near future And it will implement the Global Site Tag right away, as in the tag dicat to the GA configuration. So if this happens, the GA automatically set up by Google should be able to collect basic data about users and traffic, even if we don’t have a Global Site Tag gtag.js now – because we have UA implement by Google Tag Manager.

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However it is not entirely sure if this will happen, because other Google documentation gives us such information Source hl=en Should I let Google set up and configure the GA service automatically? It depends. in different time frames in a week, a month, a year. In the vast majority of websites that I have seen so far, automatically configur GA will only collect basic data without e-commerce data . without revenue data. In order for data on WS Number List revenues, product views, basket additions, etc.

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