Telegram Send Message to Phone Number Php

Telegram is a popular messaging platform known for its security and versatility. While primarily designed for communication between Telegram users, it’s also possible to send messages to phone numbers using the Telegram API. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to send a message to a phone number via Telegram using PHP.

Set Up a Telegram Bot

To send messages to phone numbers, you’ll need to create a Telegram Bot and obtain an API token. Start by opening the Telegram app and searching for the “BotFather” bot. Follow the instructions Taiwan Telegram number Data provided to create a new bot and receive the API token.

Step 2: Install the Telegram Bot API Library

To interact with the Telegram API in PHP, you’ll need to install the Telegram Bot API library. This library simplifies the process of sending messages to phone numbers. You can use Composer to install it by running the following command in your project directory:

composer require telegram-bot/api

Step 3: Write the PHP Code

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Create a new PHP file and include the Telegram Bot API library:

Next, initialize the Telegram Bot with your API token:

use Telegram\Bot\Api;

$telegram = new Api(‘YOUR_API_TOKEN’);

Replace ‘YOUR_API_TOKEN’ with the API token obtained from the BotFather.

Step 4: Send a Message

To send a message to a phone number, use the `sendMessage` method provided by the Telegram Bot API:$response = $telegram->sendMessage([
‘chat_id’ => ‘PHONE_NUMBER’,
‘text’ => ‘Hello, this is a message sent to a phone number via Telegram!’

Replace ‘PHONE_NUMBER’ with the phone number you want to send the message to, including the country code.

Step 5: Handle the Response

You can check the response from Telegram to confirm if the message was sent successfully.

This code snippet will display a success message if the message is sent without errors. If there are any issues WS Number List it will provide an error description.


By following the steps outlined above, you can easily send messages to phone numbers via Telegram using PHP. Remember to create a Telegram Bot, obtain the API token, install the Telegram Bot API library, and write the necessary PHP code. With this function.

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