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Eample below Unfortunately. GA will not register this event automatically. Because this type of tag uses the ‘send_to’ parameter mention by. Google we specify where eactly this event is to be sent to the UA with ID GA will be able to automatically. Record only events and conversionsgoals. That we have encod on the website in the form of gtags. The above event should be seen in the console as In Google Chrome. The console is locat in developer tools. Ctrl Shifti keyboard shortcut. This gtag event is also automatically receiv by UA.

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Will auto-configuration get me of the same data in GA as in Universal Analytics? of sites don’t. Events that are not implement as gtag will not be automatically sent to GA I eplain it in the paragraph above. So in most of the websites I’ve seen, e-commerce data and conversions that we had in UA configur. By Google Tag Manager will not be collect. In addition. Automatic configuration will not add filters IP addresses to be eclud, referral Latest Mailing Database eclusions . payment gateways, connections to Google Search Console, connection with Google Merchant If you already have GA configur according to your nes, will the automatic configuration also reach your GA service? Yes, it will reach your service and it is highly likely that your eisting settings will be replac with default settings.

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To avoid this, go to the net paragraph and see how to opt out of automatic configuration. How to opt out of the automatic configuration of Analytics? The simplest option to completely opt out go to Admin > Universal Analytics > Google Analytics Setup  Assistant and set the GA basic auto setup slider to “off” If you don’t want to opt out completely, for eample, if you want Create a GA service. Connect UA to GA go to Administration > Universal Analytics > Google Analytics WS Number List Setup Assistant Make sure that you have enabl the automatic configuration of the GA basic service.

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