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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Forms of meeting with the respondent There are also various forms of such a meeting with the respondent. One of them is the so-calle double interview, where the subjects are two people who know each other at the same time, such as a parent and a child or a couple. One of the most famous studies of this type was conducte in 1982 by researchers Lee Harvey, Michael Little and David Turner in the stands before a game. Although the individual in-depth interview – as its name suggests – is conducte with one respondent, in this case additional insight and color were also provide by other fans.

The Phenomenon Of So Calle Fixation

This is what an in-depth interview can look like. For example, when a researcher talks to a respondent about shopping habits, the observations made in the background by her partner can help to really understand the situation and assess it database better. A groundbreaking discovery The individual in-depth interview brought about some of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of marketing. He mentione their role in his work, Claude Hopkins and many other famous marketers . When use correctly, they provide invaluable sales and strategy support.


Maintaining The Previous

Advantages and disadvantages of an in-depth interview While conducting hour-long interviews with individuals may seem expensive, in fact, interviewing a dozen or so people is a small expense with huge benefits. If you’re unsure of your customers’ motivation WS Number List or lack of inspiration, then perhaps you’ll find the missing piece of the puzzle you’re looking for during an interview like this. The disadvantage of this type of information acquisition may be the time neee to collect it reliably. An individual interview in the marketing process covers from a few to even a hundre interviewe people. Each interview lasts up to 1.5 hours, and the results still nee to be written down, interprete and presente.

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