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Liaisons are thoughtful and caring people others in them. Content is most often share via Facebook and via email. Selectors – they are inventive and care about others. They share content with people they think might be intereste in them. They mainly use email for this. Of course, these are a kind of ideal types, which in their pure form rarely occur in reality. Personally, it is difficult for me to find myself in only one of the above-mentione personalities, but I am able to determine which types are more and which are less. Badanie The state of content The State of Content report also reveals why people share content create by others – articles, news, reviews, humorous content photos or videos.

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The survey which covere over 12,000 people from 6 countries (USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia), indicate that the main motive that makes people share is to make others laugh. share5Źródło: The state of content How to get your phone number list content share  more often? The amount of content poste on the Internet every day is huge – let’s prove it by the fact that at the time of writing this entry, almost 3 million articles have appeare on blogs around the world . So what should be done to prepare such materials in this mass of content that your recipients will not only be happy to read, but also pass on? 1. Understand the motives.

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That drive people Despite the fact that the world different from that of 50 years ago, our motivations for sharing content are similar. It’s worth having them in WS Number List the back of your head when you’re preparing some material. Whether it’s a report, a blog post, or a short social meia post, think about why someone would want to share it. Maybe because of? Already 50 years ago, Dichter pointe out its importance, and modern research has also confirme it.

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